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What is the best lubricant?

Lubricants are easily available online in the hardware store and online. While there is no specific brand that works best, it’s very important to choose a lubricant that is specially made for garage doors. If a lubricant intended for something else is used for a garage door, it may do more harm than good.

How do I clean the tracks?

Cleaning the garage door tracks can be a simple task. With a small brush, rags, and an industrial cleaner, it should be a breeze. The idea is to brush off or wipe away sediments or buildups that may get stuck on the wheels and block the way of the tracks, as our experts suggest.

Why is it not advisable to lubricate the garage door tracks?

Our garage door maintenance experts do not encourage the lubrication of garage door tracks or the application of oil or grease on it. Garage doors are designed to open and close not by relying on the reduced friction on the tracks. The lubrication may affect the balance of a heavy garage door.

What do led light notifications on the door opener mean?

Different brands or models of door openers may have different meanings for the LED light illumination or blinking they make. However, usually, multiple blinking indicates problems with the logic board. When it comes to the sensors, blinking means misalignment or sensor problems. It is important to refer to the manual for the details of these notifications.

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