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Comparing types of springs

There are different types of garage door springs - the torsion and extension. The former is the one attached just above a closed garage door. The latter is located above the upper tracks on both sides. To properly place these springs to your door, you need a professional technician who can make it easy and fast for you. Our experts can do it the right way.

Garage door spring brackets

The springs used in garage doors are usually attached to brackets. They are placed at the bottom of the door. Garage doors now have tamper resistant brackets. These provide safety to homeowners. Just like the springs, these brackets are also under a lot of tension. They must only be adjusted or maintained by a pro.

Resolve a humming, but non-operational garage door opener

Humming is a good sign as this can indicate that the opener has power. Check the moving parts of the garage door and make sure that these parts are not blocked. Moreover, ensure that the unit is engaged and not in the manual mode. If these steps do not fix the problem, contact our experts in Ridgewood.

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